Sunday, December 13, 2009

Truss time!

We haven't been able to work much thanks to busy schedules and the weather. Too many weekends have been too cold and too wet to get much done. This weekend, we spent Saturday getting our place ready for a Christmas party (which was much fun!), but we managed to get up after the party and get to work. Today was truss building day. That involved cutting a lot of lumber and then nailing the pieces into a triangular shape truss. By the end of the day, we have 24 trusses done.

After getting the trusses down, the next step is to get them on the roof. Hauling them up there is fun - we tried a pulley but had no good place to attach it. So Spencer finally just muscled them up there. He won't need to go to the gym for a few days now! We both climbed up there, hung on and got the first truss up. I don't like heights and the wind was blowing and I was sure I would fall to my death, never able to enjoy my lovely barn. I survived and Spencer survived. But a good wind gust knocked the truss over before Spencer could finish securing it. So we're going to wait until next weekend to try to get the trusses upright.