Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting ready for tin

With all the rain we've had since the fall, we haven't gotten to work on the barn much at all. We finally had a dry spell, but I had a meeting with 40+ people at the house for the rescue on Saturday. Spencer decided to work on the barn by himself, although he did get some help from a couple of the rescue people (handing him stuff, chatting with him while he worked, etc.). He got most of the rest of the 1 x 4s up on one side of the barn. These strips of wood are where we'll be attaching the metal for the roof.

On Sunday, we didn't put in a full day. We've both been working hard and needed to be a bit lazy in the morning. After lunch, we went to work. Spencer finished up the strips on the first side of the barn and started in on the second side. We ran out of boards and out of time. If we could have two good solid days of working, we could finish the strips and get the overhangs put up. Then we'll be ready for the tin for the roof. I guess we better start looking for roof metal!

It'll be awesome when we get the barn done. If the weather would just cooperate, we could get a lot more done!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truss time Part 2

Today we spent all day working on getting the trusses up. We reattached the first one by hanging onto the uprights and trying not to fall to our doom. We got the simpson ties in to hold it in place when Spencer had an epiphany. He created little platforms made of 2x6s. We for the rest of the trusses, we stood on the 2x6s while hammering in the simpson ties. Spencer had to come climb with the circular saw a few times to cut notches to help the trusses better fit onto the cross pieces.

We didn't get all of them up today - we have six more to go. We'll see how the weather holds up and see when we get to work next.