Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our first set back and a decision to make

We had planned to order the lumber yesterday, have it delivered later this week and dig the holes for the support posts on Sunday. However, we found out yesterday that no one in town carries the 6 x 6s we need for the supports. One place told us they could order them, but it would take 4-6 weeks before they came in. I had a minor panic attack as I want to start this barn now before winter sets in. I know it'll take us a long time to build, but I don't want to wait another month to get started!

Luckily McCoy's came to the rescue. They'll order the 6 x 6s for us, and they'll be here next week. Their delivery charge is only $25, too, so they rock. Spencer is going tomorrow to order all the lumber for the upright supports and overhead support structure.

Now my chore is to find a place to rent a post-hole digger and we can start next weekend.

We also have a decision to make in the next few weeks. We had originally planned on putting on a shingle roof. We did that with the last barn and it looked fantastic. In fact, the barn and house matched and it was gorgeous. Looks and cost are advantages to shingles. And Spencer and I know how to do a shingled roof. However, metal is supposed to be much easier. We also won't have to haul plywood to the top of the roof to if we do a metal roof - and metal is lightweight so Spencer and I can wrangle it without help. Plus metal should go down more quickly. For shingles you have to put down plywood, then tar paper and then shingles. For metal, you have cross supports along the roof and then screw the metal down. And a metal roof should outlast both Spencer and I unless we have a tornado.

The downside to metal is that we've never done a metal roof before. So there's more room for error. We've got to decide pretty soon, and Spencer's going to talk to McCoy's this afternoon to see if they sell metal for roofs and price it out.

Barn building is an adventure!

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