Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heavy lifting

I thought yesterday was hard. Today made that look easy! We had 20 6 x 6s and 14 4 x 4s to get into the ground. The 4 x 4s weren't hard. Spencer and I could pick those up, carry them to the holes and plunk them down into them. The 6 x 6s were another matter. And it is probably best we don't have any video of that. Why, you ask? Because it was quite a little stunt to get them moved. Spencer made up a harness that wrapped around the posts. Then we both worn the harness and pulled the posts over to the holes. It is good we don't have neighbors who can see us - they would surely have thought we were insane.

The shorter 6 x 6s for the outside barn walls are about 14 feet long. For those, we both worked together and lifted them up and then they fell into the hole. Spencer did more of the lifting than I did - but I did my best!

The 6 x 6s that run down the barn aisle were another matter. Those things are about 20 feet long and they're HEAVY. We tried to lift one into the hole and almost killed ourselves. I knew I could pull better than I could hold up the pole or push, so Spencer ended up attaching our little harness to the pole. He pushed and I pulled (although I didn't wear the harness!) and we got the poles into the ground.

Every muscle in my body aches! I think a glass of wine is in order. And then maybe a soak in the jacuzzi tub that we never use... but thank goodness all the poles are in the ground! AND our corner poles are even cemented into the ground.

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