Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hurry up and wait

We had intended to actually have something done by now. But that wasn't to be.

Our upright supports for the barn are going to be 6 x 6s. No one in town had the length we needed, so we had to order lumber. The place in town that was least expensive would have taken 5-6 weeks to get the lumber, so we went with McCoys. They told us it would take one week. So we made the order, paid a lot of money, and were ready for the lumber to arrive so we could start on Sept. 26-27. But we heard nothing from McCoys. My DH called them, and they did not return his call. We were not happy.

So, we had no lumber that weekend and made plans to start Oct. 3. And he kept calling McCoy's. On Thursday they told him we wouldn't have lumber for another week. THen the manager called and said it would be delivered the following day. So we waited and waited on Friday. And finally we called to ask them where the heck they were. They told us they actually hadn't placed the order, so the lumber wouldn't get here for yet another week. At this point, I'm beyond disgusted with the service at McCoy's in Waco. Our barn building is now on hold until October 17 since we'll be gone this weekend.

Barn building is frustrating - and we haven't even started yet!

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