Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Half a good weekend

Saturday was great. Sunday was not so great!

On Saturday, Spencer got right to work while I took care of a few other things. Our goal was to get the lower roof on the north side completely ready for tin. Spencer ended up crawling around in the rafters while I cut the 1 x 4s and handed them up to him to nail down. His parents came and put in a few hours of work, too. They cleaned up the building site (A HUGE help!) and his dad took over the duty of cutting boards and handing them up to Spencer. We all had lunch and then they headed back to College Station.

We finished all the 1 x 4 strips and then Spencer went up to the upper level of the barn to cut the rafters so the ends were even and I attached rafters to support boards with Simpson Strong Ties. We ran out of daylight before I finished the strong ties, but Spencer did the rafters measured and cut off even.

On Sunday, we got up and got to work. I was putting on the rest of the strong ties while Spencer cut the fascia board for the upper section of the roof and put together the boards for the overhang. And then it started raining. It rained just enough to get everything wet, making it too slippery to climb around on the rafters. I finished the strong ties and we quit for the day.

We're hoping to get in a day of work this coming weekend. If we can do that, the barn will finally be ready for the roof!

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