Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting to Roof the Barn

We've gotten a good bit of work done since the last post. But it can be hard to see - so much of it is smaller stuff.

Spencer got the overhangs up, all the fascia boards up and put all the 1 x 4 tack strips up. On April 13th, we ordered the tin for the roof and then found a few areas that needed shimming before we could put the roof on.

This Saturday we had the first horse show of the season (and my first in five years!), so we didn't start work until Sunday. Spencer had some areas on the roof to touch up before we could start putting up tin, so we didn't really start until after lunch.

Our first job was to figure out how to get the sheets of tin up there. They pieces for the upper tier of the roof are 3 foot by 8 foot - not too big or heavy, but they can be a pain to haul on the roof. We ended up using some boards to make a ramp. We clamped a rope to the sheet, I pushed it up the ramp and Spencer tugged it up to the top.

After we got the first sheet square and strung a string line to help keep the sheets straight, roofing went pretty quickly. Within a few hours, Spencer had the entire upper tier on one side done. He needs to go back and put a lot more screws in to keep it 'extra secure', but it is looking great!

The tin for the lower tier is harder to wrangle. It is 3 foot by 14 foot and heavier. On Sunday, we used our ramp but struggled to get the tin up. We got two pieces done before it got too late. On Monday, we drug two more pieces up, this time carrying them up ladders (Spencer on one ladder, me on another). Then the wind kicked in and we had to stop. We may try to get some more done in the evenings this week.

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