Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now we need some walls...

Now that we have a roof, we need some walls.  But before we can put in all the walls, we had to build up the base of the barn some so water wouldn't run in.

Before building up the floor, though, we put  metal sheathing around most of the upright posts.  This will prevent my beavers, also know as horses, from chewing the supports into two.  They love to chew wood.  They love to drive me insane.

After putting the sheathing up, we put the first board up of each stall on the outside of the barn and down the barn aisle.  When we bring the dirt in, we'll put dirt part-way up that board and then build the stall walls on top of it.  We also took our left over boards and put a partial stall wall up on the far side.  We wanted to see how it would look.

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