Monday, August 30, 2010

The siding goes up... slowly

We have to put siding up on either end of the barn.  It sounds simple - just nail up the siding.  Unfortunately it goes slowly.  First you have to put up the structure that goes behind the siding to hold it up.  Then you have to measure and cut the siding.  The big sheets at the bottom were easy - they went up whole.  Our biggest problem was getting them even and getting the pieces to fit together.  The upper pieces were harder - we had to measure and cut, carry them up the ladder, figure out they were still too big, take them back and remeasure and cut again.

The barn starts to look more like a building instead of skeleton, though, when it has siding up.

We'll be working in the evenings this week to see if we can at least finish this end.  The north end is going to take more work as we first have to put down the floor for the tack room and then hang the siding.  But it is coming along.

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