Saturday, August 21, 2010

Putting in Stall Walls

Now that we have dirt in the barn, we're ready for some stall walls.  We had the bottom board down on the two outside long walls and down the barn aisle, so Spencer started putting the walls in on the outer walls while I moved dirt around.  We got several walls done, and he finished the rest the next weekend while I was away.  It was a nice surprise to come home and find all of the outer stall walls and all the walls along the barn aisle up.

Then we spent the next weekend getting the most of the interior walls up.  We cannot do the end walls until we have the outside siding up, but that'll come soon.  The stall walls aren't done yet - we still have to put a vertical 2 x 4 up in the middle of each stall wall.  That helps pull the wall together and eliminates gaps and bulges. 

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